Category: The Art of Downsizing

Dealing With Kids’ Stuff Who’ve Left The Nest

Kid clutter may be one of the easiest category of excess stuff in your home to deal with, at least in my opinion. When kids no longer share your space the stuff they leave behind is just clutter for you.

Getting An Appraisal To Sell Estate Jewelry

Most people like things that are shiny and new — including cars, phones and jewelry. No matter how practical you claim to be, you may have a secret desire to buy diamonds, gold and other eye-catching precious gems. You can

How To Liquidate An Estate, From Knickknacks To Furniture

When faced with a task you’ve never had to tackle before, it’s often best not to procrastinate because it’s likely going to take longer than you anticipate. A death in the family hits like a ton of bricks. And before

Online Auction Estate Sales Makes It Easier For Everyone

Sure, the digital age causes some issues for most of us once in a while. The pessimists among us might even claim that technology has done more harm than good. Others, though, have grown to rely on the internet for

How To Let It Go Without Having A Meltdown

Clearing out a friend or family’s belongings can be a true act of love, often harder than wading through your own personal pile — although neither task is easy. Most  of us experience a flood of emotions when confronted with

Yard Sale Or Estate Sale?

You probably know what a yard sale (or garage sale) is. Maybe you see them all the time, either advertised in the paper or while driving by. The desired result is to purge your household of clutter and pick up

Why Putting Your Parents’ Things Into A Storage Unit Is A Bad Idea

It’s human nature to want to take the easiest way out. And who would blame you? Easy is just so much more convenient! In many cases, the easy way is also the most efficient. Unfortunately, with an estate clean-out, the

Downsizing and Estate Sales

TRUST AND ETHICS Are you or your parents not sure how to handle upcoming changes in your living situations? You aren’t alone. If you’re a baby boomer — an adult born between 1946 and 1964 — you may find yourself