New Year, New You

New Year, New You

For our December contest, we asked our readers about their New Year’s Resolutions for 2017, and to challenge a friend. We found the people of Asheville are certainly ambitious and equally creative when daring greatly. Read on to find out what our contestants decided and to get inspired yourself. Join the excitement here.

Christin B.: My New Year’s resolution is to do give my best every day. Whether at work or at home. I’m giving 100 percent

Sarah G.: Take more time to enjoy nature

Daniel H.: My New Year’s resolution is to travel to Europe!

Patrick D.: I will speak at a conference or hold my own in 2017 on marketing, SEO, and public relations.

Charlotte M.: Take an extended vacation in an RV!

Paula M.: Visit 40 different WNC waterfalls with my dog in 2017.

Stephanie P.:  I want to go to Europe: Paris. And Normandy. And I’d love to see more of the USA.

Monicarose N.: More family time

Susy C.: My aspiration is to practice 60 days of mindfulness in 2017. I’ll still count it as a win if I make half that!

Gerald G.: To draw closer to God and His Word.

Daniel B.:  I wanna go to Europe as well. Italy Greece and Switzerland.

Elaine G.: I would be pleased with [practicing] 60 MINUTES of mindfulness in 2017!!

Carol P.: To travel with friends and explore somewhere I have never been before!!

Charlotte B.: [Visit] Rome! And a couple of other places maybe!

Congratulations to Daniel H. and Christin B. who each one a ticket to see the amazing, musical Shadrack’s Christmas Wonderland light show at the Ag Center!