Getting An Appraisal To Sell Estate Jewelry

Most people like things that are shiny and new — including cars, phones and jewelry. No matter how practical you claim to be, you may have a secret desire to buy diamonds, gold and other eye-catching precious gems. You can take pride in things of value because you know how hard you worked to afford them or what they meant to their former owners.

If you’ve inherited something valuable, it carries additional sentimental value. Inherited jewelry, for example, may be the most difficult things to sell, for both emotional and financial reasons. Once you get over the hurdle and decide to sell it, you’re faced with another hurdle: learning to sell estate jewelry can be a difficult process.

Changing Times

With so many emotions at stake, you have to find trustworthy people to deal with. Unfortunately, the state of the world in 2018 makes it hard to find people who will be straightforward with you. Jewelry appraisal requires a truly objective process. Evaluating gold, silver and gemstones should produce similar results no matter who you ask.

While jewelers are highly trained to determine the value of jewelry, they may keep their best interests at heart if you’re looking to sell to them. And pawn shop brokers may not live up to their grimy stereotype, but don’t trust them to give you the optimal price when you want to sell estate jewelry. This is where Art of Downsizing shines. As a local business in Western North Carolina, we care about our neighbors and have honest connections in all related fields. We will find the right appraiser for you.

Your New Best Friend

Finding an appraiser who is honest with you about the true value of your jewelry is exactly what you need. You don’t want them to sugarcoat the truth if an item your loved one held dear is little more than pretty costume jewelry, or the stones are not of high quality. You also don’t want them to underappreciate something because they have a personal stake in its sale.

You can do a quick Google search and find thousands of results for regional appraisers. But you don’t know any of them. Instead, choose Art of Downsizing, a local business with connections to the most reputable appraisers in the area. We’re not a fly-by-night business. We’re going to stay here — it’s our home, too — and we always have your best interest at stake.

Taking Care of the Details

When you go to sell estate jewelry, you want to know you’re getting the best price. Selling previously owned jewelry is not an easy task, so having a current appraisal can make the difference in completing the sale, and at a fair price. With a full written appraisal, you will have documentation of the facts and can justify your asking price. A good appraisal will also include digital images.

After the appraisal, we report back to you with the findings. Then it’s up to you whether you want to keep your jewelry or sell it at an estate sale, online or at auction. If the jewelry is valuable, and you are agreeable, we often recommend that you move forward with the sale because:

  1. Storing jewelry improperly can damage its value.
  2. Some pieces of jewelry go in and out of style. If you decide to sell estate jewelry, sell while you can and while the appraisal is current.
  3. People may not flock to your offerings immediately, so sometimes you need to be patient. Be prepared to wait to get your price.

Getting your jewelry to the right buyer will deliver your best return. We can make the connections and do much of the paperwork for you, so you don’t have to worry about any of it.


Article by Michelle Munson.

For more information on downsizing contact Michelle at The Art of Downsizing 828-772-5959.