Yard Sale Or Estate Sale?

You probably know what a yard sale (or garage sale) is. Maybe you see them all the time, either advertised in the paper or while driving by. The desired result is to purge your household of clutter and pick up a few dollars in the process.

Holding a yard sale is different than planning an estate sale. A yard sale involves gathering all those possessions you feel like you can live without — clothes, kitchen utensils, toys, tools, books, movies, etc. — and putting them up for sale in front of your house, apartment or church. An estate sale is much more involved and targets a slightly different customer.

The Estate Sale Process
An estate sale isn’t selling off those things you don’t need; it’s an exclusive and specific type of sale, often to sell an entire life’s worth of possessions. The possessions may be yours, a parent’s or another relative’s. There are two main steps for planning an estate sale:

1. Finding a professional to help you organize and run the sale

2. Choosing which items to keep and which to sell

Neither step is easy because you don’t have a reason for planning an estate sale unless something significant happens, such as a:

– Loss of a loved one

– Foreclosure

– Significant downsizing

Since these can all be difficult, emotional times even without planning an estate sale, you need the help of a professional like us here at the Art of Downsizing in Western North Carolina. Finding yourself responsible for taking care of a loved one’s possessions can be overwhelming. Knowing that experienced professionals are respectfully handling the estate can be a source of comfort and solace.

Maintain Your Peace of Mind
Planning an estate sale is always a delicate enterprise. Selecting the items to sell is a process wrought with emotion. We understand how family treasures often have higher emotional value than monetary value, no matter how expensive they are. We assist you, providing clear choices when it seems overwhelming and reminding you what’s feasible to keep and what isn’t.

Due to the usually high quality and unique nature of the items available at an estate sale and organization, expect prices to run higher than your average yard sale. Estate sales are filled with the types of things collected over the course of a lifetime. And it’s not unusual for antiques, fine china, and one-of-a-kind collectables to be presented in an estate sale.

Art of the Sale
An estate sale usually runs for two to three days, often over a weekend. And since estate sales are generally more formal events, whether held in person or online, buyers come already knowing what to expect. When you let an experienced professional take responsibility for planning an estate sale, we do all the work to organize and advertise the sale, while you reap all the benefits. And because we can help you sort through the items, you feel supported during the entire process.

Dealing with seasoned professionals can make your estate sale much less stressful than attempting to confront the haggling public at a yard sale. Think of this way: the difference between a yard sale and an estate sale is the difference between selling off some extra things and having your family’s belongings carefully inventoried, researched and staged to bring in quality buyers that are willing to pay higher prices.


Article by Michelle Munson.

For more information on downsizing contact Michelle at The Art of Downsizing 828-772-5959.