Online Auction Estate Sales

Sure, the digital age causes some issues for most of us once in a while. The pessimists among us might even claim that technology has done more harm than good. Others, though, have grown to rely on the internet for their total well-being, from research to retail therapy.

No matter what side of the argument you’re on, the internet’s impact is undeniable. And it’s potential to make your life easier is just as undeniable.

For example, when a loved one passes, you don’t want to think about having to sell their precious belongings to the highest bidder. After you’ve given yourself proper time to grieve, however, an estate sale is often the next step. If you’re dreading the process, consider tapping into technology by exploring the world of online estate sales.

All Day, Every Day, Around the World and Back
Online estate sales put more eyes on the items you’re trying to sell, making the virtual sales a better option than in-person sales. These sales can go on for longer, too, because they don’t require your full attention or a staging area from browsing. And if you’re considering having an estate sale online, but don’t quite know where to begin, don’t fret — at Art of Downsizing, online sales are our particular expertise.

If your loved one was a collector of quirky tchotchkes that you’re not quite sure you’ll be able to sell, ask us. Oftentimes, the niche market that’s hungrily awaiting the very trinkets you’re trying to sell simply won’t find you through a physical estate sale. Being well-versed in the vast online marketplace and knowing just how to photograph, market and post about your items is the key to successful online estate sales.

Release the Reins
It’s never really feels like the right time for an estate sale. You’re always busy, and there are countless excuses to put off a task you don’t want to do. Estate sales used to require lots of work and lots of stress. Cleaning, organizing and pricing can feel like a full-time job. Online estate sales take a lot of that pressure off you, giving you space to breathe and time to regroup after your loss.

At Art of Downsizing, we take what would be a time-consuming, stressful process for you — and turn it into a relaxing and respectful way for your loved one’s things to find new homes. Our online estate sale services take the pressure off, while handling the sales efficiently and effectively. You have less to do and more to gain by using us to run your estate sale online.

Trust the Process
While normal estate sale services provide a one-to-two-week set-up for thorough preparation, our online estate sales take as much time as is needed. We are hands-on, managing the process for you. Taking inventory, doing research and finding the prime corner of the prime market for your estate contents. And we can complete the task in a set, predetermined time frame.

After all the preparations are done, five to seven days of our expert management online guarantees that your items are going to have every opportunity to sell to someone who appreciates them as much as your family member did. You can continue with your daily responsibilities, knowing your items and precious memories are in the best hands possible.