Is Staging a Home of Value in a Hot Market?

Miller Shire, SpaceScapes Staging and Design

It’s no secret that the Asheville market favors the seller now. Prices are up and inventory is down. It only makes sense that some sellers are wondering if it’s necessary to stage your home when chances are strong that it will sell anyway.

The short answer is yes. If you want to maximize your return on investment, minimize the number of days on market, and have fewer requests from the buyer, staging is still an investment that will be recouped easily.

There is competition even in a seller’s market and staging is the marketing tool that gives sellers an edge over their competition. Staging makes a house look bigger, brighter, and more inviting. Here are some of the specific benefits:

  • Rooms appear bigger with the right furniture that is arranged properly by a professional stager whether they are rearranging furniture in a home that a seller lives in or bringing furniture into a vacant home.
  • Staging accentuates the best features of a house, so they aren’t missed by the buyers.
  • Staging adds perceived value and buyers want to know they’re getting good value for their investment, especially when prices are higher. Taking care of repairs and deferred maintenance items helps them to feel confident that the home is in good condition.
  • A staged home removes distractions, creates a calm mood, and presents a lifestyle that is attractive to buyers. They can see themselves living there and that desire helps them justify paying more.
  • A staged home is considered move-in ready. With prices up, many buyers have fewer dollars left over to make modifications and updates. The more appealing your house is, the more likely it is to bring a higher price and reward you with a better return on your investment.


Time after time, the buyers I have worked with who followed our recommendations have been rewarded in just this way. The real estate brokers were able to justify pricing their houses to reflect their efforts which resulted in an additional 5-15% return. Buyers are willing to pay more for houses that are in good condition and move-in ready. Here are some simple ideas to freshen and update:

  • Fresh paint in a neutral color works for everyone – remove any outdated wallpaper first!
  • Change outdated light fixtures and replace bulbs so that all produce the same warm light
  • Put new hardware on kitchen and bath cabinets.
  • Install new door knobs, especially on the front door, if your current one isn’t shiny.
  • Update linens in the bedroom and add new towels to the bathrooms – fluffy is good.
  • Clean, clean, clean to make it sparkle inside and out.
  • Weed, remove unattractive or overgrown plants, and add mulch.

A professional stager will prioritize what needs to be done, so the best approach is to start with a consultation. Stage your home and let it be the one that every buyer wants and is willing to pay more for.

Miller Shire is a professional Stager and Interior Decorator. You can contact Miller at 828-989-0404 or by email at